Every year, we see a lot of changes in the architectural culture that inhabits our cities. These changes shapes the trends in the building and construction industry. If you are a residential builder, town planner or developer, it is very important to know the trends that are now currently affecting the needs and wants of the customers. These trends often influence the customer’s decision on what type of house they want. It is always helpful to be updated with what’s in the market today. This can help you create better plans and build great homes for your customers. Let’s take a look at some of the top residential architectural trends this year that you can use as a guide.

Here are some of the top Architectural Trends we have spotted so far this year…


Kitchens are getting bigger

Kitchens used to be hidden away and not visible to guest but now, kitchens are becoming the epicenter of every house. Most kitchens today are now spacious and has big seating spaces. Kitchens have become a central hub in many homes where the family can get together and spend some quality time.

Open Concept

Open plans are the new thing today. Gone are the days when rooms has walls and doors. Most of the house designs today includes implied spaces. These spaces often connects to each other and is perfect for creating a minimalistic interior design. Only few uses the traditional rooms style today as the open space plan can also be used on multiple floors to help enlarge the interior space.

Rooms blending into outdoors

We are starting to see this trend a lot at the start of the year. There are usually kitchen plans that connects to the outdoor, living room adjoining the courtyard, etc. These designs are often very energy efficient as it provides natural light for the rooms. Almost anything can be included in an indoor/outdoor living space like TV and furniture or a kitchen.

Larger Windows

Larger windows are now a thing. Not only does larger windows provide better ventilation it also provides a better view of the outdoors. Putting larger windows gives the house a better look and can help save money on electricity bills as they are energy efficient.



Green construction

A lot of companies uses green building solutions now because they help provides a higher quality, healthier, and more energy efficient homes. Not only that green building solutions are durable they also provide more savings. This trend is all about finding the highest quality materials with low environmental impact.


Home design trends are constantly changing and it always best for any construction business to keep up with the changes. Customers are expecting more from architects and builders because of these trends. You can try some of the styled architectural trends mentioned here on your next design and see which works best for your plan.

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