Here Are The Top 6 Home Renovation Tips for 2023

Conducting home renovations can be extremely rewarding. When armed with a few simple skills, a flexible time frame and adequate budget, you can even perform the renovations yourself! Here are a few simple tips to ensure your home renovation dream doesn’t turn into a disaster. 

1. Get organised

While very exciting, home renovation projects can cause great disruption to family life. The water and electricity may have to be temporarily disconnected, adding to the frustration. So unless your renovation project involves simple repairs, consider moving out of your home for the duration. 

2. Talk to your neighbours

Before undertaking any major home improvements, be polite and inform your neighbours. Let them know about potential noise disruptions and apologise for any inconvenience. Perhaps do something nice for them – like paying for a night in a comfortable hotel.

Above all, explain how your home renovations will benefit them, as it will potentially increase the value of their property. 

3. Estimate the cost

While it may not be the total cost, you should aim to get an estimate of your expenses. This estimate will allow you to prepare your budget. By itemising all the tasks involved and their costs, you’ll also get an idea of how large or small the project is. While drawing up costs, it’s a great idea to get advice from an architect.  HiPages have recently written a great guide to estimating renovation costs on their blog.

4. Get everyone involved

Before undertaking a home renovation, it’s important to get the family’s input. Gather everyone around the dinner table and draw up a wish list, so everyone can leave a mark on the renovation project. You can even create a Facebook group and invite your family members to gather ideas and opinions.

5. Maintain your home’s character

Before starting work, consider your home’s structural integrity. If you’re performing partial renovations, ensure the style is consistent with the rest of your home, to maintain its character. You can also find inspiration for your homes colours on the Dulux’s Colour Forecast, or by using tools such as Adobe Color to create your own palette.

6. Maximise the space

Carefully consider your space requirements before starting construction. Remember, the fewer corners and intersecting areas, the better the room will be. When planning your design, perhaps get a draftsman to draw up the plans. Within these designs, ensure the floors are always visible and heighten your ceilings, to create the illusion of more space. 

For more inspiring tips for your next home renovation project, speak with the expert team at Draftee today!

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